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Carl Jung: But if you become a human being, then your soul comes to you.

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Red Book

The feminine in men is bound up with evil.

I find it on the way of desire.

The masculine in the woman is bound up with evil.

Therefore people hate to accept their own other.

But if you accept it, that which is connected with the perfection of men comes to pass: namely; that when you become the one who is mocked, the white bird of the soul comes flying. It was far away; but your humiliation attracted it.

The mystery draws near to you, and things happen around you like miracles. A gold luster shines, since · the sun has risen from its grave.

As a man you have no soul, since it is in the woman; as a woman you have no soul, since it is in the man.

But if you become a human being, then your soul comes to you.

If you remain within arbitrary and artificially created boundaries, you will walk as between two high walls: you do not see the immensity of the world.

But if you break down the walls that confine your view, and if the immensity and its endless uncertainty inspire you with fear, then the ancient sleeper awakens in you, whose messenger is the white bird.

Then you need the message of the old tamer of chaos.

There in the whirl of chaos dwells eternal wonder.

Your world begins to become wonderful.

Man belongs not only to an ordered world, he also belongs in the wonder-world of his soul.

Consequently you must make your ordered world horrible, so that you are put off by being too much outside yourself. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 364