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Red Book

You need to undertake only half of the way, he will undertake the other half.

If you go beyond him, blindness will befall you.

If he goes beyond you, paralysis will befall him.

Therefore, and insofar as it is the manner of the Gods to go beyond mortals, they become paralyzed, and become as helpless as children.

Divinity and humanity should remain preserved, if man should remain before the God, and the God remain before man.

The high-blazing flame is the middle way, whose luminous course runs between the human and the divine.

The divine primordial power is blind, since its face has become human.

The human is the face of the Godhead.

If the God comes near you, then plead for your life to be spared, since the God is loving horror.

The ancients said: it is terrible to fall into the hands of the living God.

They spoke thus because they knew, since they were still close to the ancient forest, and they turned green like the trees in a childlike manner and ascended far away toward the East. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 281

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