Secret of the Golden Flower

It is characteristic of the Western mind that it has no concept for Tao.

The Chinese sign is made up of the sign for ” headand that for “going”.

Wilhelm translates Tao by Sinn (Meaning).

Others translate it as ” Way ” Providence or even as ” God as the Jesuits do.

This shows the difficulty.

Head” could be taken as consciousness, and 64 to goas travelling a way, and then the idea would be: to go consciously, or the conscious way.

This agrees with the fact that the Light of Heaven ” which 4 wells between the eyes ” as the ”

Heart of Heaven is used synonymously with Tao. ”

Essence and life ” are contained in the Light of Heaven and according to Liu Hua-yang,

are the most important secrets of Tao. ”

Light ” is the symbolical equivalent of consciousness, and the nature of consciousness is expressed by analogies with light.

The Hui Ming Ching is introduced with the verse:-” If thou wouldst complete the diamond body without emanations,

Diligently heat the roots of consciousness1 and life.

Kindle Light in the blessed country ever close at hand, And, there hidden, let thy true self eternally dwell.”

These verses contain a sort of alchemistic instruction as to a method or way of creating the ” diamond body which also appears in our text, ” Heating ” is necessary ; that is, there must be a heightening of consciousness in order that the dwelling place of the spirit can be ” illumined.

But not only consciousness, life itself must be heightened.

The union of these two produces ” conscious life According to the Hui Ming Ching, the ancient sages knew how to bridge the gap between consciousness and life because they cultivated both.

In this way the immortal body is ” melted out and in this way ” the great Tao is completed “. ~Carl Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower, Page 94-95