ETH Lectures

Unconscious sensations , and still more intuitions, are in a curious borderland which defies exact definition. Intuition is never quite conscious.

H. G . Wells in his book “The Time Machine: mirrors a curious machine which does not run in space but in time.

Three wheels can be seen, but the fourth is only faintly visible.

The idea is that we see three dimensions, but the fourth is invisible.

The same is true of the functions. Intuition is never tangible and we know as much of it as we do of the fourth dimension.

Sometimes intuitions and sensations are caused by such things as the holes made by the termites.

An intuitive type, for instance, was in analysis with me. I received her in my garden room.

She said :You had a man here before”.

I was really amazed as there had b e en a luncheon interval and she could not have seen him.

She could only say she had a feeling it was so andI subsequently noticed many cigarette stumps on the table and concluded, as I do not smoke cigarettes, that her unconscious had registered the fact and diagnosed a man.

It is a fact that coincidences can tend to heap up.

A professor once said to his students:

“This is a unique case, tomorrow we shall have another”

.During my own experience in the clinics I saw a very rare case for the first time, seven days after another, and then n o more for s even years. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lectures,  18 May 1923, Page 103