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Happily the cloud of sleeplessness has lifted recently.

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When I said that the Protestant has to digest his sins alone, I really meant: he must carry them, because how can God take him with his sins if he does not carry them?

if he has been relieved from the weight of his burden?

Concerning “barracks” you are quite right; they mean submission and discipline, of which I could tell you a very long story indeed.

Whoever has clearly understood what it means : Qui fide lis est in minimo/ is overwhelmed with the dire necessity of submission and discipline of a subtler kind than the regula S. Benedicti.

I don’t want to prescribe a way to other people, because I know that my way has been prescribed to me by a hand far above my reach.

I know it all sounds so damned grand. I am sorry that it does, but I don’t mean it. It is grand, and I am only trying to be a decent tool and don’t feel grand at all .

Happily the cloud of sleeplessness has lifted recently.

My brain had been too active.

My paper about the ‘Ix8iir:o1 has disturbed the tranquillity of my mind in its deepest layers, as you can imagine.

In a Catholic Journal (published by Routledge and Sons ) a somebody “condemns” my Essays on Cont. Hist. because my attitude to religion and to rational philosophy is, as he says, “ambiguous.”

0 sancta simplicitas! ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Page 492-493