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Marie-Louise Von Franz Projection and Re-Collection in Jungian Psychology: Reflections of the Soul

With the coming of Christianity there occurred something completely unprecedented that put a stop to the development of the old hermeneutics and at the same time made a new beginning: the doctrine of the historically real Christ-figure.

It is as if the whole mythical heaven full of gods had come down into one human being and as if the Gnostic pleroma, the primordial mythical world, had now been incarnated on earth.

It was concentrated in the one man, Christ, in whom it took historical shape. Christ clothed himself, as it were, in all the earlier images and assimilated them into his own image.

“Figuris vestitur typos portat . . . thesaurus eius absconditus et vilis est, ubi autem aperitur mirum visu” (“He is clothed in figures, he
is the bearer of types …. His treasure is hidden and of small account, but where it is laid open, it is wonderful to look upon. “)

Or: “Because the creatures were weary of bearing the prefigurations of his [Christ’s] glory, he disburdened them of those prefigurations, even as he had dis burdened the womb that bore him.”

The advance of rational ego consciousness that had taken place in the previous centuries was thereby overcome and compensated by a new myth.

But in Christ the whole primordial mythical world took on real form and definition, and this new myth would dominate our spiritual world for almost two thousand years. ~Marie-Louise Von Franz, Projections and Re-Collection, Page 41