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About Franz: Remembering C. G. Jung-A Son’s Story

Between Christmas and New Year, I had a book, The Gnostic Jung by Stephen Hoeller sent to me on your initiative. I had heard of it earlier, but never seen.

Now I am very interested to read it.

Now I’ve only read the prologue, which is most promising.

I did not know you are acquainted with Mr. Hoeller, and now I understand better the passage in your M.S. when I gave you the original writing of that dream in Seven Sermons to the Dead by C. G.

I just sent a card to Stephen Hoeller to thank him, and my thanks are also for you because of your generosity.

I think I have still somewhere in my home original prints from 1916, and I will send one to Mr. Hoeller.

He might be pleased to have it. ~Franz Jung, About Franz: Remembering C. G. Jung-A Son’s Story, Page 34