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We have already seen in Buddha’s Sermon that the Nidana chain unites both worlds.

On one side there is the Nirmana-kaya, the Kamaloka, the visible world; and on the other side the Dharmakaya, the Arupaloka, the formless spiritual world of perfect truth.

Buddha taught that this is a pure white light in which nothing can be distinguished.

In psychological language: between the forms, tangible and visible to our senses, and the disappearance of all forms, there is a between world, the psyche.

The Sambhoga-kaya corresponds exactly to the modern term collective unconscious; and the archetypal figure s correspond to the
Devatas of our text.

It lies between Buddha’s teaching of positive non-being, Shunyata the Void, and the Nirmana-kaya. All ideas and gods belong to it.

These Sambhoga-kaya Beings often came to Buddha at night and talked to him.

Such conversations are described in the following :


Nalavagga. Sutta 1. The Flood.

” Thus have I understood.
The Blessed One was once dwelling at Savatthi: in the Jeta Grove, in the
park of Anathapindika.
When the night was far advanced a Devata, whose shining beauty lit up
the whole of the J eta Grove, went to the place where the Blessed One
was. When she had reached that place, and the Blessed One had greeted
her with deference, she went and stood beside him.”