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The psychology of the moon, which is none too simple.

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Mysterium Coniunctionis

Finally, I would like to say a few words about the psychology of the moon, which is none too simple.

The alchemical texts were written exclusively by men, and their statements about the moon are therefore the product of masculine psychology.

Nevertheless women did play a role in alchemy, as I have mentioned before, and this makes it possible that the “symbolization” will
show occasional traces of their influence.

Generally the proximity as well as the absence of women has a specifically constellating effect on the unconscious of a man.

When a woman is absent or unattainable the unconscious produces in him a certain femininity which expresses itself in a variety of ways and gives rise to numerous conflicts.

The more one-sided his conscious, masculine, spiritual attitude the more inferior, banal, vulgar, and biological will be the compensating femininity of the unconscious.

He will, perhaps, not be conscious at all of its dark manifestations, because they have been so overlaid with saccharine sentimentality that he not only believes the humbug himself but enjoys putting it over on other people.

An avowedly biological or coarse-minded attitude to women produces an  excessively lofty valuation of femininity in the unconscious,
where it is pleased to take the form of Sophia or of the Virgin.

Frequently, however, it gets distorted by everything that misogyny can possibly devise to protect the masculine consciousness from the influence of women, so that the man succumbs instead to unpredictable moods and insensate resentments. ~Carl Jung, CW 14, Para 221