Phanes Volume 1 – 2018

As for Lucien Lévy-Bruhl, Jung had the opportunity to speak with him again when he was invited by the Psychological Club to give a lecture in Zurich on 9 February 1935 on ‘L’expérience mystique des primitifs’ (‘The mystical experience of the primitives’) (Lévy-Bruhl 1936-1937; 1938). [Footnote 8]

Shortly after his return to Paris, the sociologist sent him a copy of his essay on La Mythologie primitive (where he uses the term of ‘archetype’ once, but in a rather vague sense), ‘in memory of his very kind welcome’.

Jung only merely confirmed receipt (Jung to Lévy-Bruhl, 21 February 1935, IMEC), but obviously read this book carefully; his copy of that volume containing many pencil marks.

A few weeks later, in a letter to Jolande Jacobi, he described his guest as a ‘delightful relic’, praising the material of his books for their ‘priceless value’, saying also he regretted that he failed to bring anything new to the occasion of his visit to Zurich. (Jung to Jacobi, 12 March 1935, ETH Zurich). Jung finally expressed his ‘very sincere gratitude’ after receiving the Festschrift that the Zurich Club offered him for his 60th birthday (Jung to Lévy-Bruhl, 31 July 1935, ETH Zurich) for which Lévy-Bruhl wrote a special article on the initiation of medicine men (Lévy-Bruhl 1935a).  ~Florent Serina, C. G. Jung’s Encounter with His French Readers The French Lecture, (May 1934) ~Page 123-125

Footnote 8: 8 Lucien Lévy-Bruhl’s diary gives some details about his stay in Zurich.

On 8 February 1935, the day of his arrival, he had lunch with Toni Wolff, Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn, Markus Fierz and Linda Fierz-David, followed by a lecture at the Naturforschende Gesellschaft in the evening.

The next day, he had lunch in Küsnacht with the Jung, Marie-Jeanne Schmid, the Fierz and Toni Wolff, and then gave a lecture at the Club.

On the 10th, he met Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn again (who invited him to Ascona), and had lunch at the Zurich main station with Toni Wolff (who obviously asked him to contribute to Jung’s Festschrift), before taking a train back to Paris (Lévy-Bruhl 1935b).

On their meeting in Küsnacht, see also de Angulo 1977: 170-171. ~Florent Serina, C. G. Jung’s Encounter with His French Readers The French Lecture, (May 1934) ~Page 123-125