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Jung and Ostrowski-Sachs

The origin of the archetypes is a crucial question.

Where space and time are relative it is not possible to speak of developments in time.

Everything is present, altogether and all at once, in the constant presence of the pleroma.

I remember standing on a mountain top in inner Africa, seeing around me an endless expanse of brush and herds of animals grazing, all in a deep silence as it had been for thousands of years without anyone being aware of it.

“They” were present but not consciously seen; they were as nameless as in Paradise before Adan named them.

Name-giving is an act of creation. Where space and time do not exist there is only oneness (monotes) .

There is no differentiation; there is only pleroma. Pleroma is always with us, under our feet and above our heads.

Man is the point that has become visible, stepping out from the pleroma, knowing what he is doing, and able to name the things about him.

Although the earth existed before there were any human beings, it  could not be seen or known by anyone.

In China they say that the ancestor of the family, the one who stood at the beginning, is the Cosmos.

Out of him was everything ere a ted: in the time before time.

There is nothing to explain or distinguish in the oneness because sequence and causality do not exist.

The archetypes are the material of the God- Creator.

The constitute a primeval ocean charged with potentiality. ~Carl Jung, Jung-Ostrowski, Page 22