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Black Books

22/23 XI 1926.

Dream. The husband of Mrs. Reichstein suddenly died. Consequently, she went mad.

But I receive a letter from her from which it is clear to me that she has insight into the symbolism of her disturbance and that she is not really mad.

1) Presently pregnant. Was concerned how she would take the pregnancy.

On 23 November she didn’t come to the session, instead a mentally ill pregnant woman came to us with her nurse by mistake.

She really wanted to go to Dr. Brunner.

0n 30 XII Mrs. R. again didn’t come.

20/21 XI 1926

Dream. I see a view of a Swiss “church” drawn by me. Then a magnificent temple in a wonderful area:

I play childish games with a few women (X). There are more than 100 people in lively, joyful mood there. From 14  comes Aunt Sophie and Ernst Fiechter)

Am disappointed and interrupt my play. Find it awkward that he sees my beautiful temple and envies it.

1.) Banal, compromise with the world. Small bourgeois horizon. Ernst Fiechter died in 1947.

Aunt Sophie several years earlier at an advanced age.

2). It is only in heaven. Reading of the spiritual books. Is it really so?

Will the dream of childhood, beauty and wisdom become true somewhere?
3/4 Dec. 1926.

Dream. Snow has fallen. I wander (around Stuttgart.

Encounter enormous footsteps in the snow. The animal must have galloped, deep furrows in the ~ snow like a snow plough.

Rhinoceros)? Hardly possible. Hippopotamus from the zoo menagerie? Larger than a hippo or than an elephant.

The animal must have been afraid.

1.) This morning there was actually snow.
2.[)] Naturalist’s cabinet.
3.) Africa.
s.[)] Mammoth.
6.[) Doesn’t fit in the surroundings and not in the time. Is anything like that in me?

E. Schlegel dreamt of an elephant and related it to me. She was also in the dream, also Toni, very clear.

A strange animal so must I appear to many.

People have difficulty understanding me. Mammoth= enormous power Elephant tracks. See Tripitaka. Track of the Buddha. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 236-237

Madeleine (Maggy) Reichstein (1894-1975), an important patient of Jung’s.

Her case featured prominently in his “The Realities of Practical Psychotherapy” as the “Kundalini case.”

In 1925, she married Adam Reichstein, the brother of Tadeus Reichstein, who with Philip S. Hench and Edward C. Kendall won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1950 (and also attended Jung’s seminars) .

On December 7, Jung wrote to her that he’d had a dream about her three weeks earlier, the day before she was supposed to see him.

She didn’t come and also missed the subsequent session.

Jung hoped that nothing bad had happened, and asked her to let him know what was happening (Jung Picture
Archive, courtesy of Vicente de Moura) .

See Vicente de Moura, “learning from the Patient: The East, Synchronicity and Transference in the History of an Unknown Case of C. G. Jung,” Journal of Analytical Psychology 59 ( 2 o 14): 391- 409. 236 ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 236, fn 239