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The problem begins with intellectual and over-rational minds.

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I cannot tell you what His qualities are, or what he looks likes.

I have only a human conception of how He appears to me.

It (whatever man may say about God) will always remain a human view, for we cannot prove that that it is God himself who speaks.

It is the human being telling, or trying to tell, about his experience of what he assumes is God.

Even revelations or illuminations such as are told in the sacred books are mere formulations of man.

They are no more than translations of inner images and experiences told within the limitations of the human tongue.

Whatever the experience,, it was that of a human being, and as such remains within the boundaries of human perception.

We can do no more than to tell about our own images, ideas, concepts, thoughts and experiences, all of which are products of the soul.

I know some foremost scientists, as well as simple people, even children, who understand what God is.

They have no trouble knowing.

The problem begins with people with intellectual and over-rational minds.

They have lost that knowledge and come to ask for rational, philosophical theological or psychological proof.

They have forgotten to be simple, open-minded and humble enough to know God and to feel him.

They are too much concerned with everyday events, and their personal affairs.

When the primitive man sees the sun or the moon, when he becomes ill and recovers, when he is faced with a birth or death, he thinks immediately of God.

But the rational mind of intellectual people cannot perceive and cannot understand.

These people have lost their religious attitude toward life and are looking for explanations like mathematical proof.

They cannot realize that to know God is not a matter of explaining, but a deep emotional experience which neither needs, nor can be put into, words. ~Carl Jung, Good Housekeeping Magazine, December 1961