About Franz: Remembering C. G. Jung-A Son’s Story

Dear Mrs. Molton,

In answer to your fine letter of May 5, I tell you that you are welcome to see me at Seestr228, whenever you want.

Actually, we should make some kind of agreement to meet.

So please call me up when you have time for a cup of tea one of these next days, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, then after May 28-]une 13, I am gone for holidays.

To visit Bollingen in summer times is probably not to do.

It is out of my possibilities because that place is run by our own Management.

During the whole summer, the house is rented to some branches of the many relatives of Jung heirs.

The intention is to have at Bollingen our open house in late October or November for graduating scholars from the Jung Institute.

Before then, I have no rights to send visitors there or to go to Bollingen with Friends.

For your friends who have to go to the states in early July, the only chance would be to go at their own risk and knock at the door.

Sometimes a charitable soul opens, sometimes not.

Sincerely yours, F. Jung

(But please don’t tell them I sent you!) ~Franz Jung, About Franz: Remembering C. G. Jung-A Son’s Story, Page 20-21