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Psychology of the Unconscious

From our experience, it is hardly conceivable that a God existing outside of ourselves causes dreams, or that the dream, eo ipso, foresees the future prophetically.

When we translate this into the psychologic, however, then the ancient the ones sound much more reconcilable, namely, the dream arises from a part of the mind unknown to us, but none the less important, and is concerned with the desires for the approaching day.

This psychologic formula derived from the ancient superstitious conception of dreams, is, so to speak, exactly identified with the Freudian psychology, which assumes a rising wish from the unconscious to be the source of the dream

As the old belief teaches, the Deity or the Demon speaks in symbolic speech to the sleeper, and the dream interpreter has the riddle to solve

In modern speech we say this means that the dream is a series of images, “which are apparently contradictory and nonsensical, but arise in
reality from psychologic material which yields a clear meaning. ~Carl Jung, Psychology of the Unconscious, Page 9