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Psychology of Yoga and Meditation

The individual exists. What is community? It is a crowd.

Only the individual gives it meaning and value.  When all is said and done, it is absolutely exclusively the Christ in us.

Otherwise we turn idols into gods and deliver ourselves up to idolatry. ~Carl Jung, Psychology of Yoga and Meditation, Page 60

Jung’s remark can be seen as a critical statement regarding Nazi Germany and other fascist states at the time.

At least the audience in the auditorium understood it that way. ES commented in his script: “Great applause.”

In 1933, Jung also emphasized the importance of the self-development of the individual in order to fulfil its task within a collective movement: “

The self-development of the individual is especially necessary in our time.

When the individual is unconscious of himself, the collective movement too lacks a clear sense of purpose.

Only the self-development of the individual, which I consider to be the supreme goal of all psychological endeavor, can produce consciously responsible spokesmen and leaders of the collective movement.” [Interview with Adolf Weizsäcker, 26 June 1933 in McGuire/Hull, 1977, p. 64] ~Psychology of Yoga and Meditation, Page 60, fn 218