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What so excellent did Aristotle or Plato discover

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Psychology of Yoga and Meditation

What so excellent did Aristotle or Plato discover; what so excellent was such a crowd of philosophers able to discover?

Truly, without doubt, if they had been able by the keenness of their natural ability to ascend this mountain, if their efforts had sufficed for them to discover themselves, if they had known themselves fully, they would never worship idols, never bow the neck to a creature, never raise up the neck against the Creator.

Here those searching failed in the search.

Here, I say, they failed and were not able at all to ascend the mountain.

“Let man ascend to a high heart, and God shall be exalted” (Ps. 63: 7, 8).628 0 man, learn to know; learn to think about yourself and you have ascended to a high heart.

The more you advance daily in the knowledge of yourself, the more you always tend to higher things.

He who arrives at perfect knowledge of himself already takes possession of the summit of the mountain. 0 how few are those who ascend this far, either because they do not know or because they are not able.

It is very rare to ascend this mountain but much rarer to stand on its summit and to stay there. ~Richard of Hugo, Psychology Yoga Meditation, Page 285-286