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Remembering Jung by Marie-Louise Von Franz

“Feminism has driven women to their animus, into a compensatory behavior. Imitating men, behaving in brutal, in animus-like ways because they have no self-assurance within their own femininity.

Jung was really struck when he was in Southern India, which is matriarchal in their basic structure.

The women are beautiful, full of dignity going around in their saris. There, it’s a bit too much on the other side.

In every big family, the grandmother sits at the top of the table, and rules the whole thing. There, the women are proud of themselves, and bare themselves beautifully.

And with us, you have to try to be as much as possible a man to be halfway recognized.

The only thing to do is to get the animus out of the way and the rest comes by itself.

Then femininity recovers by itself in a natural way.” — Marie-Louise von Franz, Remember Jung, 1977