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Psychology of Yoga and Meditation

Then making the Mudra of the heavenly treasury, he should say:[SCST, p. 9] I do not know which mudra this is-there is an infinity of mudras.

Obeisance by the grace of the Dharma-Dhatu, … [SCST, p. 9] Dharma-Dhatu is the essence of the truth. … the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Mantras and the power of Mudra; …[SCST, p. 9]

The special hand gesture has a magical significance. What it points to is to be made reality.

A symbolic act, magical in character, in which it is always assumed that this is the beginning of a particular creation through which the object denoted by the mudra is formed .

. . . ; by the grace of my own faith … [SCST, p. 9]

An extremely interesting idea if you also think of Christian psychology. A Christian cannot speak of the “grace of my own faith.”

He hopes for grace through faith. For him, grace always comes from God, the Lord. ~Carl Jung, Psychology of Yoga and Meditation, Page 103-104