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Modern Man in Search of a Soul

It is of especial importance for me to know as much as possible about primitive psychology, mythology, archeology and comparative religion, for the reason that these fields afford me priceless analogies with which I can enrich the associations of my patients.

Working together, we are then able to find the apparently irrelevant full of meaning and vastly increase the effectiveness of the dream.

Thus to enter a realm of immediate experience is most stimulating for those who have done their utmost in the personal and rational
spheres of life and yet have found no meaning and no satisfaction there. In this way, too, the matter-of-fact and the commonplace come to wear an altered countenance, and can even acquire a new glamour.

For it all how depends how we look at things, and not on they are in themselves.

The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it. ~Carl Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul, Page 65-66