Black Books

“I always want a great deal from you.

Women are my most dangerous opponents, since they have my qualities.

That’s why you can confuse me so easily with the black one [Toni Wolff.]

I also have golden goat eyes and a black coat.

I place myself between her and you.

The white one [Maria Moltzer] is less dangerous to you, since she is completely unlike me and of such an adverse nature that you can’t at all lose yourself there.

You just suffer too much from her.

She was dangerous before, but no longer.

She is just embittered against you because I am stronger than her.

But the black one is dishonestly clever.

I understand that you love her, but I would like to get rid of her. It’s unclear whether I will succeed.

There are human matters which I cannot master.

But I will always be against her.

So pay attention. Not too far away from me!” ~Jung’s Soul, The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 258-259

Maria Moltzer, in all likelihood. Years later, Toni Wolff, referring to a dream in which Moltzer appeared, noted, “Am I like M. M.-or is she C.’s anima- inhuman?” (August 20, 1950, Diary 0 , 78). ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 258, fn 264