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In “Dreams” Jung wrote the following entry concerning the events of this night: “3. I. 17. /

Night of 2/ 3. I. / Terrible. Didn’t sleep until 2.30. Terrible anxiety feeling of fire within. Eerie.

I in Kusnacht,

family in Schaffhausen.

My wife didn’t sleep the entire night.

The children also slept badly. Agathli saw a ghost.

The same night was just as bad and eerie for Mrs Keller. / Dream toward morning.

Something explodes in the air, out of which a white gull or snow goose appears. It disappears.

I held 3 feathers in my hand- indistinct things happened.

Finally my children discovered a white feather on my head that I keep as a visible sign, as proof of the wonder. /

In Lib. nov. serpent image I I I incent.” [stimulus to snake image III in Liber Novus]” (p. 1).

This appears to refer to Image 54 in the calligraphic volume.

The reference is to Tina Keller.

For her recollections of her work with Jung and Toni Wolff during this period, see Wendy Swan, ed., The Memoir of Tina Keller Jenny: A Lifelong Confrontation with the Psychology of C.G. Jung, with a foreword by Sonu Shamdasani (New Orleans: Spring Journal Books, 2011). 273, fn 294