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Psychology of Yoga and Meditation

This is typical of the Eastern mind-set. Souls are flying around and seeking places where sexual intercourse is happening and then they are

The Bardo Thodol considers souls in the same way.

When they fall into erotic fantasies, they are suddenly snapped up by the uterus.

One is in the prison of the sensual world of Maya, the dancing Shakti.

It is the goddess Maya who creates the visible realm. For the Buddhist, the visible is illusory.

Maya com.es from the root Ma, i.e., to build. Maya is the built world, and it is created out of the stuff of thoughts.

It is not an actual world in our sense, but rather it is an actual world of illusion, actual but

all the same an illusion because it is built of the forms of thoughts.

This is why Tantric yoga, which has many connections with Mahayana Buddhism, also says that maya is nothing other than the form of divine thoughts-also a very interesting way of thinking. ~Carl Jung, Psychology of Yoga and Meditation, Page 95-96