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Black Books


  1. X. 17

Jung: My soul, speak to me!

S. What reason do you have to hesitate and doubt? Didn’t you see how everything develops? What lives is just-so. Why should you let yourself fret? Has the white one accepted anything? Doesn’t she incessantly make conditions and attribute to herself everything that belongs to you? One would like to say that you are too patient, too good, if it weren’t too stupid.

I. I’m afraid that your advice is, as ever, too extreme.

S. Isn’t the white one extreme? Everything is exaggerated, and resists you. For once just acknowledge this.

I. But love?

S. How does she go about it? Does she care about love in itself? Or only concerning the love that she receives, or doesn’t receive. Fulfil her desire, and see how she behaves. If she behaves badly, which is quite possible, you can remain silent again until she becomes
reasonable. It is always experimental with her. Since she usually does something worthwhile, you can indeed come somewhat closer to her. Only not too much, since she can appreciate only a little. You always give too much. That is stupid. One must make oneself costly to such people, otherwise you only squander yourself. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, page 161-162