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About Franz: Remembering C. G. Jung-A Son’s Story

We went down the stairs again and out into the courtyard to visit the stone carvings: the famous Bollingen stone, the alchemical pictures, the tribute to Emma, and the list of family members and ancestors.

It was at this juncture that I was able to grasp something of the physical strength and stamina of Carl Jung, the man, as I moved from stone to inscribed stone, each one so artistically and carefully wrought, seeing the carefully chiseled names of generations of the Jung family forever inscribed.

The muscles of my back and arms began to ache and twitch as I realized what must have been required in order to present so permanent a set of messages to his descendants, both familial and spiritual.

Later, I wrote in my journal, “If ever any woman had a personal concretized animus experience or incredible constellation, I have had one!”  ~Mary Dian Molton, About Franz: Remembering C. G. Jung-A Son’s Story, Page 51-52