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Black Books

  1. II. 18.

I recognize him. He makes my heart rejoice, the old rebel-yet his hand brings death and the lower half of his body is of stone.

Soul. Yet in his But-his brother is the Buddha, the blessed one.

I. What are you saying-the Buddha? Welcome, Ka you are welcome, you who grant death. You are revered, the brother of the Buddha. What good fortune, to see you!
Ka: Do you recognize me? I built the temple, full of eternal beauty, the palaces of death, the grave chambers of the Gods. Do you see my beauty, my art? My thoughts, which have become gold and precious stones? Where is truth now? Speak!
I. The truth? Should I choose? Since you ask me, is truth perhaps in me? Yes, the truth is in me: I am. That is the first principle of all truth. Where else is truth? The truth is in me. What do I know of Philemon’s truth, or yours? I know that you speak of your truth and you contradict one another. So my truth decides. The second principle of my truth goes: I don’t know. You know your truth and Philemon knows his. I don’t know mine. That is the truth.

S. My friend: and I? You forgot mine. I praise your God. I praise the luminous one, the guider, the consoler. I praise the light that receives you, that leads you up, that illumines you. That is my truth.
I. That is the third principle: I follow the inner light, as I obey the sun that illumines my day.
Ka: The God of the grain of sand?
I. Yes, truly, the God of the grain of sand.
Ka. You base yourself on a nothing.
I. I am, that is something.
Ka: I cannot deny you, yet you are so small.
I. All the greater is my God.
S. What are you saying? Do you really believe in this God?
I. What, did you not just praise him?
S. True, but my feeling quickly changed.
I. That’s why you are my soul, a changing moon. Your light is borrowed. You will wax again tomorrow. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 170-172