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Black Books

  1. V. 17.

Jung: There is dissension in the air. Why this hesitation and indecision?

Soul: [“]Why do you not claim your rights? You should act as you like.[“]

Jung: I don’t want to commit a wrong.

Soul: “All the same, whether right or wrong. Whatever will be, will be.”

Soul: But I always never know what I want.

Jung: “Then investigate.”

Soul: That’s why I’m here. I would like to listen to you, to find from you the explanation that I lack above. What’s happening with you?

Jung: “A lot is happening. Difficult things need to be put together.”

Soul: “I see the stones of walls which still must be piled up- blocks- hewn. But no one is building. Who left the stones lying? Where are you, Atmaviktu, ancient one, and you, Philemon, wise one? What did you do?

Philemon:  We united ourselves. Atmaviktu, that is I. I was an old magician, when I lacked Atmaviktu. I have grown young from the drink of wisdom. My head shines in golden fire. The flame blossoms from me, since I have released myself from this man. I was in him when Atmaviktu was still an animal, when he was a serpent, I rose up and moved into my castle and had a meal with the white serpent and I ate it myself and she gave me eternal youth and as fire she kindles her light over my head. I have outgrown this man. For me, he was a gate of splendor. He belongs to the earth. I am fire, begotten from man, not as man, but flame. I have passed through this man, I have surpassed him. I am the lover. This man was my vessel. I am the servant of the luminous one this man belongs to the earth- may he be well! He was my vessel. He is earth. I bore his action further. I accepted what he lived, I took it to the luminous one.

Soul: “But what will happen to this man and to me, if you have released yourself
from him?”

Phil. He is earth, he will live. He has fulfilled everything. He has seen everything, he has come close to the eternal fire. He is fulfilled. Peace will be granted him. He is released, ~ since I have released myself from him. He remains in himself and covers his world. It is not wanting in nourishment.  He received his life from the God, it turns back there. I carry it further. Hail to him who can sink into himself; he is fulfilled. The uplifting force has released itself from him. The golden bird spread out its wings. It draws  this man neither toward the below nor toward the above. He is earth-he floats in the middle. He sees the sun, I see the God. His shadow became fire. He is content and kisses the earth. His star shines from afar. His star is my brother, a distant God, whom I don’t serve. This man was my vessel, a my gate of entrance and ascent.

I am not his soul and am not his God. His interior is foreign to me, a foreign star seed, which fell into this world. Through him I grew. I was born when I was old and reach my youth in old age, and finally dissolve myself in the maternal body of God, when this man dies. This man is a star seed-where did he come from? He fell from the indeterminate. He is earth but yet does not belong to the earth. He is foreign. Therefore man will never incline to the law of the earth. He changes Abraxas, but his star never mixes itself with it. He is no child of the sun, but its brother. He put on a sun dress and covered his distant blue light in solar colors. I was hidden in his mantle and I am released from his mantle.

His distant star illuminates him. To him I am a flame. ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 294-295