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Black Books

On the same day, Jung wrote the following entry in “Dreams”: “17. IV. 17.

Since then, frequent exercises in the emptying of consciousness.

With this I always get a cold head and hot feet, whereas when I read, it is the reverse.

Once I heard a loud voice, but I couldn’t retain what it said.

In the beginning there was anxiety on several occasions.

0nce I no longer knew where I was.

The surroundings had changed into an unknown room.

I was regularly completely rigid, without sleeping.

But I forget everything that happened.

The last time appeared to be contentless, just total numbness./ Recently I had a dream after which it appeared that my soul had something to communicate to me. / This night: I am with Bleuler

(1.) in the attic

(2.) The attic is like glass. One sees a blue nocturnal sky, stars

(3.) Very beautiful. A red brown

(4.) plane, formed like a butterfly

(5.), flies low over the house. / 1.)

Anxiously limited intellect.

Always thinks too limitedly on account of collective relations .

I, with my feeling of inferiority. Recently felt a strong relatedness of feeling./

2.) Above in the house, brain, open to heaven, to receiving the spirit. /

3.) Constellation. Relation to the cosmos./

4.) Red brown bull = Rudra (a.) My intensive unconscious relation to India in the Red Boole /

5.) Wing = book cover.

Soul image.

Indian soul, earlier dream where an Indian princess with a lavish entourage said goodbye to me in a

friendly way, while I stood on the fourth floor of an old house. Fire bird.

The ‘fire over me.’ Vision in the black book.

The fire, that is above. (continuation in Bl. B. 17. V. 17). /

a.) Chthonic God, archaic fire” (p. 9) .

Bleuler refers to Eugen Bleuler, the director of the Burgholzli.

Rudra is a Vedic God, bringer of disease and healing.

He is also seen as a form of Shiva.

In Transformations and Symbols of the Libido, Jung viewed him as a solar God (§§ 201ff.). ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 284-285, fn 320