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[Carl Jung: “If my God is lamed…….”]

If my God is lamed, I must stand by him, since I cannot abandon the much-loved. I sense that he is my lot, my brother, who abided and grew in the light while I was in the darkness and fed myself with poison.

It is good to know such things: if we are surrounded by night, our brother stands in the fullness of the light, doing his great deeds, tearing up the lion and killing the dragon.

And he draws his bow against ever more distant goals, until he becomes aware of the sun wandering high up in the sky and wants to catch it.

But when he has discovered his valuable prey; then your longing for the light also awakens.

You discard the fetters and take yourself to the place of the rising light.

And thus you rush toward each other.

He believed he could simply capture the sun and encountered the worm of the shadows.

You thought that in the East you could drink from the source of the light, and catch the horned giant, before whom you fall to your knees.

His essence is blind excessive longing and tempestuous force.

My essence is seeing limitation and the incapacity of cleverness.

He possesses in abundance what I lack.

Consequently I will also not let him go, the Bull God, who once wounded Jacob’s hip and whom I have now lamed.
I want to make his force my own. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 281.