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Black Books

In the autumn of 1917, in the manuscript of Scrutinies, Jung wrote, concerning his changing relation to Philemon:

“Since the God has ascended to the upper realms, Philemon also has become different.

He first appeared to me as a magician who lived in a distant land, but then I felt his nearness and, since the God has ascended, I knew that Philemon intoxicated me and given me a language that was foreign to me and of a different sensitivity.

All of this faded when the God arose and only Philemon kept that language.

But I felt that he went on other ways than I did.

Probably the most part of what I have written in the earlier part of this book was given to me by Philemon.

Consequently I was as if intoxicated.

But now I noticed that Philemon assumed a form distinct from me” (LN, p. 483). ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 287, fn 343.