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Black Books

  1. V. 17,

My soul, I heard of errors. You were my error.

Yes, you were my participation in the opposites, in good and evil. I did good as good, evil as evil.

I should have done what was to be done, but I did good as good and evil as evil.

Soul:  So you did. I didn’t know that it was an error before I sloughed off bird and serpent off from me and took the form of a woman. So I see what error was previously. I am not a human being. What am I then? Oh Philemon, what am I?

Philemon:  You are my matter, my space, you are my right and left, my yes and no. My eternal way leads through you. Man is your son, and I am the son of my son.

S. My sublime one, where do I stay if you take the path of the luminous one?

Ph. You are the mantle of man, you are mother and misstep to him, counsel and deception. ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 300