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000 soul

Black Books

Jung: I invoke no one; you, Phanes, the one above, you, soul, the one below, messenger of the world-embracing Abraxas, do not be angry with me. I am a grain of sand in your starry heaven. The Above and Below are more powerful than I. I submit myself, containing myself.

Phanes: Speak! Whoever it may be, his voice should be heard.

Soul: “I come. I have a word to say. I am poor. I need your strength.”

Phanes: What do you want?

Soul: “I want your willingness, your ear.”

Jung: You may have it.

Soul: “Think of my misery. I live in dark hollows, in gloomy caves. I shiver with cold.”

Jung: So come out. Warm yourself on the warmth of my body.

Soul: “I need your love for women.”

Phanes: What? Do you want to humiliate me and cause me new pain? Do you want this love or do you want to drive me to women?

Phanes: “I want to drive you to women.”

What do you gain from this? Is my destruction a benefit for you?

“You won’t be destroyed. You’ll benefit.”

You talk cheaply. You don’t help me to bear what is impossible.

Soul: “Nonetheless I am helping you. Everything will turn out well.”

Jung: Who’s going to believe you? You laugh at the pain of mortals. I’ve gotten to know you.

Soul: “But you promised to listen to the voice. You must also listen to my voice.”

Phanes: “My light streams from necessity. My star shines from your misery. My springs flow from the fullness of your life. Everything unlived is shadow and poverty for me. What has been lived nourishes my strength. Heed the emissary.”

Jung: And I? I too want it. ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 280-281