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Black Books

Jung: What is it that fills me with anxiety and horror? What death rattle is in the air? What is falling down from high mountains? What load will crush and smother us? What shadows of what things fall on us? Speak, my soul!

Soul: “Help the Gods, sacrifice to the Gods; the worm crawled up to heaven, it starts to cover the stars. It eats the dome of the sevenfold blue heaven with a tongue of fire. It plots its way with blood, it strews the bones of the heavenly ones over fields.

Jung: What are you talking about?

Soul: “Open your ears, let my words in: you too are being devoured. The fire is licking you.

Quick! to the stone; crawl into the stone and wait in the narrow enclosure until the torrent of fire is past.

Snow falls from the mountains, because the wind of fire bowls down high over the clouds.

Hence the snowfall.

I told you long ago.

Worms of fire, rings of flames travel over earth and sky.

Hold your breath, so that you don’t breathe in poisonous smoke.

Contain yourself and sacrifice to the Gods.

Men begin to rave.

The God comes.

Prepare yourself to receive him; but hide yourself in stone for he is total radiance, totally frightful fire.

Why torment yourself now with silly human thoughts? Open your eyes wide, prick up your ears, look and see how a God arrives.

The firmest devotion is essential, otherwise you will burn. listen to me, listen to me, the God comes.

Just this once, hold yourself, be silent, look within, listen within, so that the God doesn’t consume you in flames.”

Jung: What else?

Soul: “Nothing further, enough.” ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 276

It is likely that there was snow in Zurich at this time- there were fifty-four days of snowfall in 1917, compared to forty-four the previous year (Statistisches  Jahrbuch der Scl11veiz 1917= Herausgegeben von Eidgenossishen Statischen Bureau , Berne, 1918). ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 276, fn 300

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