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Black Books

  1. V.17.

Jung: You spoke of something “great,” powerful. What does this indicate?

Soul: “You should listen to me, since I, rather than men, can bring about what you need. They ought to take care of themselves. I must still give you much from my pregnant body. You should not give to the black one. She must create. She is not allowed to let herself be taken. Indicate the way to her.”

I’ll do that.

S.[“]Stick to it. And now listen: He who sacrifices, receives. I saw through the gate of splendor, I saw the luminous one, I saw the loving one seated in eternal fire, in the blaze of the warmth. I looked at the golden one, built many times, the one erected from colored stones and green gemstones.”

I. I suspected that you had looked at something. But you know that I didn’t see it. Life flows to you from me; may life also come to me from you.

S. What would you like to know?

I. I’d like to know about Philemon, the riddlesome. Who he is, and what he is to me. I’d like to know about the luminous one, whom}c I call Phanes. Bring this before the sublime one who sits in the fire and listen to his words.

S. (to Philemon). Sublime one, you who sit in the fire, in the glow of eternal bliss, listen to this request and teach us about you and your God.

Phil. This man would like to know who I am. Did I not tell him who I was and who I am? I did not say who I will be. I will be Phanes. I will dissolve myself in his splendor when this man dies. I do not die, I am already Phanes, not a man but a flame of God. I was more earthy than earth. I was subterranean, I grew upward, I grew through this man. I overcame him. I am his work, what he has lived. He is not I. He belongs to earth. Phanes is the eternal fire, the encompassing blaze, that has will become invisible and visible, the eternal dawning. I am Khidr, entering youth in old age. When my work is complete, I will have become the seed of the beginning. This man is my work, which I have built from star seed. Yes, he plunged from the indeterminate and supplied the occasion for form. He formed me, I formed him. He kissed the earth, and I, the sun. As Atmaviktu, I committed the error and became man. My name was Izdubar. As such, I opposed him. He lamed me. Yes, the man lamed me and turned me into a serpent dragon. I became healed, as I recognized my error and the :fire ate the serpent. And so Philemon developed. My form is his appearance. Before that, my appearance was form. I am the master. This man shall serve the opposites in renunciation. He shall humbly suffer the opposites. Therefore the mastery, the splendor, which is the mediator, comes to him. Who can bear this service? Only he who suffers it serving. He is his own master. Have you truly listened to these words? So rise with me to the roof of my house. . look around, what do you see?

S. I see the sky surrounded by fire and smoke as if the earth were burning.  I see destruction and extermination. The middle of the sky is vacant-a flower blooms there from fire, gold and a variety of precious stones. What is it that I see?

Ph. That which you see is the~ blooming into the above, the rising up. From the smoke of destruction and lost goods, from the fire of sacrifice, the flower of mediation grows. Do you see the precious plant,-?- which carries the flower?

S. I see it rise up above us.

Ph. It grows from two roots. Do you see the roots?

S .No, where are they?

Ph. I am the one root and you are the other. You certainly didn’t think this, that’s why you didn’t see it. Who are you then? So open your eyes for the second time, you blind one. I was Elijah, you were Salome. You were also in error. You are the error; I am the truth. You are eternally my daughter. Man was my error, you were the error of man. Man lamed me for salvation. You lamed me for his salvation. When this man released himself from you, I released myself from him. I became fire, which I was from the beginning. He became earth, which he was from the beginning. He carries the black world serpent in his heart, the star seed, which is as hard as wrought iron, seven times annealed in extreme heat and chilled through indescribable cold.

S. Yet what was I? What will become of me?

Ph. This man became earth. He was my error. I became fire, since I was his truth. You were his error, while he was my fire. Now that he has become earth, you will become fire. You are my daughter from the beginning. We are united in the fullness Pleroma, in the eternal non-existent mother, which is your mother and mine. You are my mother, my sister, my wife. I produced this man from you, and I will become my son and my son’s son. And that was Atmaviktu’s error. However, I did not beget him from myself, but from the strangeness that befell me. A star seed fell into procreation. Where did he come from? He didn’t come from me. This drop of liquid iron fell between our embrace from our mother. Our mother cried liquid fire when I found her in you. ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 297-300