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Be one with yourself and you will cross over. Only the individual dies

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Black Books

  1. X. [ =XI.] 17-

I. My soul, what do you see?

S: I hear the ringing from above, I see the shadow below. I see the incorruptible seed that lies in between.

I. Call the lover, the father, so that he can interpret for us what is dark.

S. Noble one, lover, open your hand!

Philemon. Did you see my shadow? He is my shadow.
It is the law the darkness join itself to the light.
How could the darkness be without light?
Is not the day the brother of the night?
Is not shade the wife of the sun?
My blazing light is immortal, its matter is incorruptible.
Man? Where did he descend from?
Merely a third of him is his own nature.
Two thirds are daimonic.

S. Father, have mercy on us. What is man? What are his ways, his end and his beginning?

Phil. He is a star seed. From what infinities did he descend?

Ka. Yes, where did he come from? Ha found him at an unfortunate hour and laid him between father and mother.

Phil. But didn’t he see the eternal beauty? Didn’t his hand find the imperishable gold? Didn’t his eye see the sun and didn’t he name all the living and dead in heaven and on earth?

Ka. What for? What will he be? He falls like leaves from trees. He will be thrown into a grave, he decays like everything living.

Phil. Didn’t he give me speech? Didn’t he give you beauty? Am I not the fruit  that emerged from his tree? Did you not lie safe in the tangle of his roots? Indeed, didn’t a tree grow from the star seed?

Ka. A tree that falls when its time is up. What is a tree?

Phil. A star tree grows from that seed. It bears that one precious fruit that we call the blessed day. It carries the now.

Ka: The day of mourning, of delusion, of desperation.

Phil. Its fruit frees from pain.

Ka: and will bear new pain.

Phil. The tree of the eternal wonder! A tree only-are you not like the many? One of the many? The many itself?

Could this leaf not belong to that other tree?

Could these roots not nourish your brother? Is this flower from you or from that other?

Is there someone clever who could distinguish your wood from that of the other tree? Are you not all one tree?

Who counts the years of this tree? Look around! What do you see in the eye of the beloved? You see yourself.

You also see yourself in the hated. Do you not look into your soul, if you look into the eye of the beast?

You are the moss that grows on stones, you are the leaf that falls from the tree, you are forests which cover the earth and the animals that it bears within.

The leaves come from the tree and the tree will come from the leaves. You mighty ones, who measures the time of your span?

Why do you love yourself? Because you are one. Why do hate yourself? Because you do not want to be one. But love is also the truth.

To be one with yourself is being one with others. Being one with others is immortality.

Don’t all times and all peoples live in you? Be one with yourself and you will cross over. Only the individual dies. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 167-168