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999 Hapi

Black Books

/’;ij f1l ~@ (from 2. IX. 17)

Ha. There you have the lower cone again and want to bring the upper and lower suns together again.

You yearn for that, but nostalgically.

You put them both together, and long to return.

Then you make a roof above the lower cone, truly lock it up and get the suns back again and now bring them completely together and with this you yourself are doubled, i.e., instead of one, you are 4, and split.

(4. IX. 17) ~~ ~ [l tJ~

That’s why you must fetch out the sun again, namely, toward the below and from this the longing toward the above will grow in you.

You lift yourself over the line of the earth and tumble over.

That’s why you long suddenly for the below and want to lift up from the below, because you hang from the upper line.

You want to be one and stand straight[] that’s why you make a line in the middle, you walk on the earth and then up above and go into the sky.

And as you go in this way the serpent creeps toward you above all the stars.

You are one, you hold the serpent by the tail with one hand and with the other you hold the stars.

Both are separate.

Thus you stand straight.

(from 9. IX 17)

And because you stand that way, an arc grows on you on the other side, since you held back (toward the left).

Now you make a great prison below, possibly for the stars and a cradle above, possibly for the serpent.

You press the lid on the prison.

There you also have a prison above and the sun, which is one, looks toward you.

One of you is defiant and locked up below.

The sun has a serpent’s tail and is the serpent itself, and the other longs for the above and is not yet higher.

The defiance of the below and the longing of the above come together.

A roof above, and floor beneath, and you are one again. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 154

page 154