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ETH Seminar

The anger of the old cocotte is his own anger be cause he is shocked at being a woman.

The masculine reaches him thrown from outside in the form of the banana.

This is a magical condition which has passed into the language.

In Swiss we speak of a sudden cold as “angeworfen”, thrown at us, and the German ”

Hexens chuss” (lumbago] which means literally witch’s speaks for itself.

This is a very primitive idea, for the primitives believe that diseases are thrown at them by bad ghosts and witches.

Witch doctors have ice projectiles which can cause illness or even death, dangerous icicles that can return destructively to their homes as well.

When a witch doctor has sent out such a projectile it may kill his victim but he has to take every pre caution, for when the icicle returns, it has smelt blood and will try to kill the witch doctor himself as well.

To avoid this he sets up a kind of scarecrow, he hangs his clothes on a stick and hides himself in the woods.

The angry icicle is deceived and rushes into the clothes.

Then the witch doctor catches the icicle and kneads it with his hands until it is tired and all the b a d mana has gone out of it, when he can slip it b ack into his bag.

This is a most unusually psychological conception.

Our projections on other people behave like the icicle, they return to us, we do not remain unpunished when we make projections.

This dream has the form of a magic effect, our dreamer refuses the feminine role so the masculine begins to take the offensive, and unpleasantly.

It returns to him as the bursting banana. It had been badly crushed and smothered while he sat on his mother’s knee and many indignant affects were smothered with it, so it was bound to b e an explosive return.  ~Carl Jung, ETH Seminars,18 Jan 1935, Page 173-174

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