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Black Books


On July 14, Conrad Schneiter presented “On .the Symbol” to the Association for Analytical Psychology.

In the discussion, Jung commented,

“Godlikeness is a belated condition and can only develop once man as someone different aspires to Godlikeness-equates himself with nature. Deification plays an important role in the Mysteries, it is done intentionally. According to the ancient belief deification happened after death. Yet in the teachings of the Mysteries it can be reached already in one’s life-time.”

To this Hans Trub asked, “What is the difference between the mysteries and abnormal mental states?”

Jung replied, “These are particular strong feelings, which are not general (= normal).

E.g. Schopenhauer: The world is my representation.

Nietzsche’s overman: the world comes from his will. His highest principle is his own will.

It is not that explicit in the case of patients in analysis, rather symptomatically implied.

The Godlikeness can be made intentionally or one can be seized by it [‘being chased by God’].”  ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 248, fn 234