Black Books

  1. X. 17. 34

Jung: Things move somewhat forward again. What’ is it?

Soul. I stand there and wait and announce myself.

Jung. What do you want?

S. I will tell you. I saw Phil. He stood at the gate and looked out into the land of men. But no one came. No one set foot on the bridge. And I heard Philemon say: [“] So is there no one among the living? Are only your shadows there? Your shadows, which have become detached from you in sleep? You came reluctantly? You’d rather go with the living as faithful servants? But I know a worthier service for you, a more beautiful :fidelity. Listen to my words and whisper them in the ear of your masters, when they sleep. Say to them:

[“]You hypocrites, don’t speak of love, but find out what desire is concealed in your love. Isn’t your brother poor with nothing to give to you? Why did you heap on him the burden of your desire, saying, we love you? Do you love your brother’s well-being? No, you want to take part in it. Isn’t it better** if each works on his own, doing what does him good, rather than desiring his well-being from his brother? Strive for the riches in yourself and every good fortune that you need will happen to you. Thus spoke Philemon.

Jung. What is up with you, my soul, what pain affects you?

S. I’m sad. The servant loves his master and would rather not whisper such in his ear, since he would like to participate in the well-being of his master.

I. So you don’t love me. Haven’t I already told you this for a** long time?

S. You’re right, I still can’t really love you.

I. Why not?

S. Why this eternal why? Why should I always know everything?

I. You should know the reason for your not loving!

S. How can I and how should I love? You take from me everything there is to love. You arrange it that way. Nothing is left for me. You love too much. Therefore I love less.

I. But what should I do?

S. Love less. The knife, do you hear, you need the knife. Cut off what is no good. Not the black one-she is good for you. She is quiet and accompanies you. She is necessary for you. She can be happy, if things go well with you. She doesn’t take, she doesn’t hoard. I must always steal from you what is mine. This attracts the dead, if I’m too needy. They draw me away from you. There is one in the neighborhood, the black magician’s brother. He prowls around me.

I. What does he want?

S. I don’t know what he has or wants.

I. So ask him.

S. What do you want, black one? Come closer and speak!

Ka. I am the commencement of the soul. I am Ha, but his other side. I am his soul. I gave him the runes and the lower wisdom. I am his spirit. He is gone and I remain. I want to be with you.

I. What is the uncanny companion to us?

S. What do you want with us?

Ka. You must have me, for you will still need me. Ha knows the outer, I, the inner. He has poverty, I, wealth. What does he know? Just his boring story of cones and suns and serpents, paltry runes. A golden seed burns in his eye, but my eyes are of sheer gold. My body is of black iron. I am heavy and last for eternities. I know the meaning of the runes, Ha blathers about them like a child. I. Be careful, my soul, he is uncanny, he is exceedingly clever.

S. You still come without a request? What do you want?

Ka. I ask for nothing more than that I can accompany you.

I. I mistrust him.

S. I think that you should let him come along. What Ha said was not utterly stupid. In its own way it was even archly clever, though blasphemous-I admit that. (to Ka). Are you hiding evil in your black heart?

Ka. No, I don’t even have a heart. I’m iron through and through. I’m cold, that’s all. Maybe that’s something you can use?

S. Did you hear? He’s cold and clever. Wouldn’t that be useful?

I. So let him come along, ifhe tells you what he knows.

S. Listen Ka, you may come along on condition that you teach us what you know.

Ka. I know what you need. You need my mystery. My mystery is the essence of all magic. And that is love. You are too warm, how can you radiate love? You have it in you. It does not radiate to others. What does the ancient one in the white cloak say to you? He speaks love and does not speak of it. Listen, man, you let yourself be robbed by your soul. She forces you to give love, then she rules. Above all, she wants to rule. Do not give too much love. See Look at your goal and not at love. Then you will radiate love. Does Philemon have love? No, he radiates it. Let me come along, I give you coldness, which generates the warm radiance.

I. My soul, ask Philemon what he thinks about Ka.

S. Phil, I call on you, blessed one, loving one, have mercy on us and give us your advice.

Phil. Ka is my shadow. How could you do without him? Ka might go with you as I do. There is no one above who doesn’t have his shadow below. My light is strong, and my shadow is dark.

S. Loving one, what a mystery! produced

Phil. Did you see my brother?4° Was he not cold and did he not set his light on the bushel?

S. Blessed one, you who stand in the gate of splendor, why is your mantle red? Are you going off to sacrifice?

Phil. I dipped my robe in blood, in the blood of this man. What is the robe of innocence to me? It is red from living blood. Am I not the lover?

S. Teach us, blessed one, of the golden words.

Phil. Truly, Phanes is the consoler. He leads the hands of those who err.

He is the counsellor of the widow.
He fills the empty beaker.
He lays bread on the table of the hungry.
He is the friend of the lonely.
He gives voice to the misunderstood.
He lays a weight on the scales of justice.
He is the wealth of the poor.
His light shines on the mountains.
He is born from sorrow and joy.
The devils too have served him.
He shines in the helpless eyes of the animal.
He is the understanding of what the devils speak.
He is the redemption of the dead.
He is the healing of the sick.
He is the compassion with all living things.
He is the beauty of the crystal.
He is the ascent from sin.
He is the law above all laws.
He is liberation through blood sacrifice.
Where he shines, there is no damnation.
He is the allegory of the highest, the sum of all riddles.

Ka. Philemon, stop! Your speech is hollow. Where is your shadow? Your shadow says to you:

The earth is damned, eternal heavens are damned, man and his daimon are damned. All great tidings are damned. What lies are you speaking, Philemon? What shimmering piece of serpent-conjuring art do you perform in your blue lofty heaven? My speech is iron, your lukewarm drops of consolation don’t melt me. It’s me you should speak to, you lovely trick of untruth.

Phil. I recognize you, my shadow. Have you finally caught up with me? Be welcome,  You son of darkness! I donned a red robe to celebrate your birth. Let yourself be seen, friend! How beautiful are your swarthy iron body and gold glimmering eye! And how sublime, the beauty of your abyss! I thank the eternal light, which has consolingly shed its beauty over everything.

Ka. What magnificent words! Do you believe that you can hoodwink me with them? The red of your mantle is blood, living human blood. It testifies against you from eternal justice. It cries of crimes against the innocent. Human blood will do just fine to stain your mantle.

Phil. Truly, you speak spoke no lie. I am a crime of the Gods against man. His betters commit crime against him. My hand is red from the blood of the guiltless. I tore the eternal good from his flesh.

Ka. Shameless one, come to judgment. I will reveal your devious ways. Did you not hide in this man? Have you not forced me onto his way, so that I have to give him the terrible shadow? Have you not set the hounds of hell nipping at his heels? Phil. You speak the truth. I hid myself in this man. I wed him to the daughter of hell the great mother, that spans heaven and earth. Didn’t he give her female form,
didn’t he love her?

Ka. And did you beget the shameful and clandestine, [dreadful worm with her? Your daughter? Incest!

Phil. Didn’t the worm spring from red fruit? The golden seed that rose up streaming throughout heaven? Didn’t the man stretch out his arm toward eternal beauty?

Ka. You stole it from him. You robbed the minor of his possession. You betrayed his faith and loyalty. You made him a slave for the sake of your lust for power. What is your beauty to him, which is paid for with blood, with innocent blood? What do you give him? Have you counted out a payment? Nothing, liar, your hand is empty. Phil. My hand is empty, since I lifted up what I took. Yes, I took it from this man
and rose up and lay it at the threshold of splendor.

Ka. What a damned swindle! What am I doing here. Again, I came too late.

Phil. Not too late, at the propitious hour. You stay with me, as before.

Ka. Am I bound to you forever? (to me) Won’t you place yourself between me and Philemon?

S. Don’t do it! Think of the runes!

I. Oh my faithful, beloved soul! Do you know where my place is? You daughter of the mother, I recognize your motherly love. You really don’t want to release me? But you know, you will be where I am. I say yes or no and you are always there. let me decide, for the sake of eternal beauty. Am I not the seed that lay between shadow and light? How can I be a man differently? How can I love man differently? My kind? My kingdom is earth and my kingdom is heaven. How can I find peace, if heaven and earth plummet into one another? let the eternal runes be fulfilled. Mine is the light and the darkness. The one which I unknowingly received, Philemon gave back. The other,
which I unknowingly was, the shadow will take. The third belongs to me, and is my life.

Phil. My son, blessed ye be your life.

Ka. My son, blessed be your life.

S. But his life?

Phil. Be patient, there is still a word to be said. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 162-167