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000 soul

Black Books

Carl Jung: My soul, what is it with the fire above me? What do you have to communicate to me, as you announced to me in a dream? Give me light!

Soul.: Should it come from fire? Yes, the fire is above- from the north- from the cold. That, what comes- blue black clouds- red fire glow-everything escalates-what is separated will be hidden-what is general will be revealed the books are to be read.

I. Which books? I recall- in the dream there was talk of secret script. What is it? What about the fire?

S. The book from the fire-it comes- it hangs over you-under the stars, down from under from the stars- nearby- why do you stick with the intellect listen ] above. I will give you words: blue and green- blue clouds green waters and fire above. How difficult it is to break it away. Help me, pray-

!. I prayed for you to the inner God, to the shining one, so that he can carry forth a torch. Do you see, do you have light?

S. I see: the castle has three towers- three golden towers full of the glow of morning- the gates are red-white columns- men go and in out-in the middle tower, in the high white hall, the lover, the holy one sits in contemplation. Fire streams from him, the castle rests on the fire clouds in blue skies

Philemon: What, you stand and wonder? Get to work. Reveal what is hidden.

S. I can’t-what power holds me back? Is it the earth, or is it you, man? let me go, or else I will curse you.

I. May you have freedom. Follow your needs. No one should suffer coercion. But tell me, what can you make out?

S. I make out the law of the 3 gates: power, splendor, and glory. Splendor is the highest, radiant fire. Do you want to go through this gate?

I. I don’t want to, I want what must be. I’m deaf and blind.

S. Good. That protects you from the fire. Must I pass through splendor?

I. If it’s your way, yes.

S. So listen-a golden serpent is the way, a shimmering serpent bridge over a black grave-a dark gate behind splendor-a red light in the darkness of the background-that is evil. I make it out. You did well in not taking this way. Should I take it? So may the eye of evil take me-to a red cave-serpents of blood on the walls-a white gate- a long passage upward in wide halls, countless gates- up onto  the roof on narrow steps-above is a worldwide prospect-I blossom like a fire on a mountain top-I glow through eternities-can you still see me- a distant light-itself a star lost in infinities-but, behold a thread-many threads spun from star to star-on a dizzying bridge infinitely long-it is reached, the first star-also a world.

I. What do you do in these infinities?

S. I search for the source of fire. The wise one had it from above, from the stars. Therefore I went to the stars. They are full of fire.

I. Yet how did the fire reach earth?

S. It glided up and down. How? It was taken from the stars. Who took it? Whose hand drew it up and down, the astral fire? Was it you? Yes, truly, it was you- I didn’t know you, you yourself are the wise one.  Why did I search behind and above you? Why did I go into the eye of evil? Why to the stars? You drew the fire close. You drew it into yourself and it blossomed from you and filled the air above you, far and wide. I must come to you-I want to stay near you. Why did evil draw me away?

I. You didn’t believe in me, therefore you went astray. Why did you go astray? Because I believed more in you than in myself. Therefore the radiant one rose in my self. The source of the eternal fire is with me. Come to me and live in me and love the fire and the eternal splendor. My self has the highest wisdom, the hottest fire. My self lives in the gate of splendor. My self draws the fire of the star to it. ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 284-286