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Letters Volume II

From what we know of genuine primitives today, the stars play an astonishingly small role in their lives, a fact which may justify the
assumption that the projection of the constellations and their interpretation coincided with the beginnings of a reflecting consciousness,
i.e., with the first steps in civilization.

These beginnings are naturally shrouded in deep darkness.

We must bear in mind that we do not make projections, rather they happen to us.

This fact permits the conclusion that we originally read our first physical, and particularly psychological, insights in the stars.

In other words, what is farthest is actually nearest.

Somehow, as the Gnostics surmised, we have _ _ “collected” ourselves from out of the cosmos.

That is why the idea of “gathering the seeds of light”1 played such an important role in their systems and in Manichaeism. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Page 564