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Black Books

The seventh sermon had culminated in an evocation of a star God:

At immeasurable distance a lonely star stands in the zenith.

This is the one God of this one man, this is his world, his Pleroma, his divinity. In this world man is Abraxas, the creator and destroyer of his own world.

This star is the God and the goal of man, this is his one guiding God, in him man goes to his rest, toward him goes the long journey of the soul after death, in him everything that man withdraws from the greater world shines resplendently.

To this one God man shall pray. ~The Black Books, Vol. I, Page 59

in the last sermon you find the beginning of individuation, out of which, the divine child arises.

Please don’t speak of these things to other people.

It could do harm to the child. The child is fate and amor fati & guidance and necessity-and peace and fulfillment (lsaiah 9:6).

But don’t allow yourself to be dispersed into people and opinions and discussions.

The child is a new God, actually born in many individuals, but they don’t know it.

He is a “spiritual” God. A spirit in many people, yet one and the same everywhere.

Keep to your time and you will experience His qualities. ~Carl Jung,The Black Books, Vol. I, Page 50-60