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Black Books

In “Dreams,” in a dream of February 4 , 1917, set in Geneva, Jung received a manuscript from an elegant and beautiful woman.

A German named Wahnschaffe (mad-tub) also appeared in the dream.

In his associations with this, he noted that he felt a strong longing toward Maria Moltzer.

Regarding the manuscript, he noted , “Idea of M. M. that she had inspired my libido work.

Typewritten, like my manuscript. My own manuscript presented by the soul.”

Of the name Wahnschaffe, he noted, “comical name.

Like Wahnfried [mad-peace]. Wagner- Mrs. von Bulow.

Nietzsche and Cosima.

I and M. M.

Zarathustra without her” (pp. 3-4).

Cosima von Billow was the illegitimate daughter of the composer Franz Liszt and the wife of the conductor Hans von Bulow.

She had an affair with Wagner and married him.

Wahn fried was the name that Wagner gave to his villa in Bayreuth.

Around January 3, Nietzsche sent Cosima a letter simply stating, “Ariadne, I love you! Dionysus” (Nietzsche digital critical edition, http://www.nietzschesource.org, BVN-1889, 1242a).

There is an undated, possibly unsent letter of 1916-17 from Jung to Moltzer, who had recently moved nearby to Zollikerberg, in which Jung wrote that he was thinking about her all the time (JA). ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 285, fn 321