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Phanes Volume 1 – 2018

In 1912, Jung had a first dream of a white bird, namely “a small seagull or a dove”, that rested on his table, in the garden, and then turned into an eight-year-old girl with blond hair who began to play with his children.

After a while, the creature transformed itself into a bird again, and spoke these words to Jung:

“Only in the first hours of the night can I transform myself into a human being, while the male dove is busy with the twelve dead”.

After having spoken, the dove flew away.

That dream triggered Jung and anticipated the first visions which led him to write Liber Novus.

His difficulty to interpret it made him seriously think of a collective fundament in the unconscious for the first time.

According to his Black Books, the dove dream was also responsible for Jung’s decision to start an affair with Toni Wolff, whom he had known for three years. ~Gala Domenici – Nietzsche Zarathustra, Jung The Red Book and visionary Works Page 168