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000 death

000 pains

Red Book

What if the depths, due to the assault, now change themselves into death?

But the depths indeed have changed themselves into death; therefore when they awoke they inflicted a thousand-fold death. ‘

We cannot slay death, as we have already taken all life from it.

If we still want to overcome death, then we must enliven it.

Therefore on your journey be sure to take golden cups full of the sweet drink of life, red wine, and give it to dead matter, so that it can
win life back.

The dead matter will change into black serpents.

Do not be frightened, the serpents will immediately put out the sun of your days, and a night with wonderful will-a’ -the-wisps will come over you.

Take pains to waken the dead.

Dig deep mines and throw in sacrificial gifts, so that they reach the dead.

Reflect in good heart upon evil, this is the way to the ascent.

But before the ascent, everything is night and Hell. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 244