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Black Books

I see an old man with a beard standing in front of me.

He is like one of the old saints, one of the :first Christians  who lived in the desert.

His face is drawn and haggard. What do you want, speak

I am a nameless one, one of the many who lived and died in solitude.

The spirit of the times and the acknowledged truth required this from us. look at me- you must learn this.

Things have been too good for you. Only solitude can grant depth. The Black Books, Vol. V, Page

But is this still a necessity in our so very different time?

“It is as true today as it was yesterday.”

That is terrible.

“Never forget that you are a man and therefore you must bleed for the goal of humanity. listen, you are still too juvenile for your age.

You should get older, the years are dwindling and yet your work has not been accomplished.

Practice solitude assiduously without grumbling so that everything will in time become ready. You should not die unfulfilled.

Your years are numbered and many years are still needed for your fulfillment.

You should become serious and your word sink heavy as iron into the ground of mankind.

Let go of too much science. There lies the way that is not your way.

Your way goes toward the depths, toward the rarest and deepest.

Science is surface, instrument, language. You have yet to perceive this childishness in science.

Am I scholastic?

“Not that, but scientific; science is a new version of scholasticism. It needs to be surmounted.”

Is it not enough yet?

Do I thus not counter the spirit of the time if I dissociate myself from science?

You are not supposed to dissociate yourself, but consider that science is merely your language.

What kind of depths are you driving me to approach?

“Forever above yourself and the present.”

I want to, but what should happen?

Often I feel I’m no longer able.

“You must put in extra work. Provide respite. Too many take up your time.”

Will this sacrifice come too?

“You must, you must.” ~The Black Books, Vol. V, Page 231-232