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Carl Jung: Do you then see no Hope?

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Black Books

Jung: Do you then see no hope?

Jung’s Soul:

Hope, yes- but beyond the chaos. It’s not me sitting on you, but stark actuality.

I can’t bring salvation, but you can.

You must make order patiently. Actuality against actuality.

You must defend your life.

Go to your work, step by step, and do not let yourself be disturbed. You will find the strength.

Don’t let off. Take up the next book, do your duty.

Close your eyes and ears. look at your image.

There is unconcern in agony. Agony, that is your actuality.

The primordial man lived and died.

He has given you everything that the past could give you.

Now you must create the present and build the future.

The future will be created.

The past lived. It outlived itself What evidence is still needed?

Your complaint changes nothing. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 221

Don’t be surprised. You thought that you knew me, because you saw my beauty in dreams, as you slept blissfully under the silver moon of Africa.

But you don’t know me. You saw one of my coverings, a mortal appearance that I borrowed from you.

As you can’t see me, so you can’t make out my form.

Your soul made a song about me, since she is a woman.

What you may always grasp of me is appearance.

My words are appearance, borrowed from the chambers of your speech.

The golden heart of the world is an appearance, something radiant or shining like gold, like a sun of the world.

I come from the heart of the world, I am the heart of the world, I am radiance, not light.

I cover myself in solstices, my robe is time, and time is my appearance.

I am unable to appear to you without appearance,

Oh teacher of the black letters! ~He, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 222