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Black Books

  1. II. 18.7

My soul, the dream points me to you. What have you to say to me? You gave me the dream, so you will know, what have you to say to me?

S. Your words reek of mistrust. Why this mistrust? Eventually you live according to what I say. For a long time I had already advised you to separate from the white one. Good will come out of it, but she requires cruelty. Always do what she accuses you of! So go the rules of the game.

I. But tell me, did you see anything that can solve this question with Philemon and Ka I hang painfully in the middle.

S. So you’ll just have to hang till the question is solved.

I. Being cocky, are you? You think you’ve won the game while I’m in misery? Are you showing one more of your lovelier aspects? Despite all the misery there is no relenting for you; nothing will be retracted, scaled back or qualified. Tell me, have you seen something?

S. Yes, I saw Philemon creeping around-

I. What are you saying? Creeping around?

S. He is cunning, the most cunning of the cunning.

I. But what do you think? What does he want?

S. He is looking for something-probably the keyhole!.

Why that?

S. To creep out now-

I. My soul, what are you saying? Isn’t he the blessed one?

S. Not any more, since his capture.

I. What are you saying? Captured? He, Philemon? Who captured him?

S. None other than yourself.

You painted his image. “You should make no image, not even a likeness,” said Jahweh-preferably not, since just that enchants the enchanter and all false Gods.

However the image isn’t the only reason for the imprisonment.

The essential thing is that Ka has been accepted by us. Where there is shadow, the light cannot be far.

The shadow casts out light and light casts out shadow.

Yes, Philemon is captured and Ka no less.

Therefore they quarrel. What is it with sublimity? When one looks at it closely?

Yes, Ka is held captive. Who caught light and shadow? Who else than you? You call them the blessed ones?

Did you see the “blessed ones” caught, creeping around, peering at holes through which one could escape into a distant twilight?

But they do harm to you, because you still empower them and call them the blessed ones.

So they claim for themselves what belongs to you. You will be robbed. Both are cunning, clever beyond all measure.

One gives you a false splendor and the other gives you a false shadow. Do you now see, who the master is?

Where does the upper blessed come together with the lower blessed one? In the mediating everyday, it seems to me.

I. You say the most astonishing things. ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 175-176

It is not clear which specific dream Jung is referring to here.

The two dreams he noted in “Dreams” since the last entry are the following: ”

/ Have been ill for a week. Pertussis [Whooping cough]. / For some nights dream of 2 opposites, 2 balls? Spheres? which are based on principles undoubtedly running toward each other.

The opposite is so dangerous, as if someone standing between a high-voltage line and the ground, about to touch the line.

Each time I awake completely disorientated mostly with a cough.

At times I am this one, other times the other opposite.

It also appears as an unspecified woman, who could be killed by the counter process.

These opposites are quite impossible.

/ I am in India. Taking part in a solemn ceremony: 2 widows, instead of being burnt their right hands are cut off. Everything is horribly real and cruel.

It is told that the old tradition of suttee is mitigated to the cutting of hands.

My mother in law stands close by and says that burning was a comfort to many.

The second widow, dressed completely in white, listens attentively as if to say that she is not in agreement at all.

She resists. I say that there have been those, who wanted to die with their husband.

The hangman twists her arm painfully to the back and cuts her hand skillfully from the joint. The hand falls muffled to the ground.

/ In Egypt, a hotel, it is burning next to it. The fire will take over to the hotel.

I leave. I meet a white cow with sharp horns on the street that does not know what it wants. Kind of dangerous.

I take it by the horns and as it is a woman, I convince her that she can give the horns to me. I take the horns from her and carry them.

Then the cow is a beheaded woman, who is alive and speaks.

She stands on the stump of her neck, the legs in the air and I stand before her and scent her.

I tell her that it is burning at the hotel. All her clothes and jewelry are there as well as I million of assets. I recommend saving all of that” (pp. 23- 25). ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 175, fn 73