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“Put aside the wants of others. Act on yours. You adapt enough to others.”

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Black Books

Jung: What is it? How is everything?

“Soul: You are a swindler. You really know what things mean. But you don’t handle them as if you do, you take them at face value. Through this you sow confusion.”

How can I behave differently?

“let go, do not reply, be silent and accept the moment as a moment.”

But this too men will not want.

“Put aside the wants of others. Act on yours. You adapt enough to others.”

Why do I feel so bad?

“Because something bad still remains in you, namely the thirst for revenge and malice, anger at the stupidity of the men who call themselves your friends.”

I always have to be the devil; they should as well.

“But it’s not you who should do that. That is lust for power. The evil shall leave you. You can never know what others want, so expect nothing and do not adapt yourself to things which you know are just whims of fantasy, which will no longer be true tomorrow. You have forgotten the Buddha again. So discard the thirst for revenge, destroy the anger, persist in the expectation of the things to come: a bright flame not blown out by the wind.”

I am truly the devil? Am I the devil because  my way led me to the daimons?

Have I not gone my own way in good faith?

“Didn’t Christianity draw out the worst qualities in men? Was Christ therefore of the devil? Indeed, he too was of the devil.” Persist undisturbed in expectation. Do not disturb the holy flame. Your anger and your thirst for revenge are earthly fire, a theft of the heavenly. ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page  248-249