Black Books

Jung: My God, what uncertainty! What paralysis! If I err, let it become clear! My soul, speak to me. Is it fatigue? Is it too much? It overcame me suddenly.

Soul: “Listen, you shouldn’t do too much. You should rest more, so that you have the force to meet everything. If you are weak, you can’t stand firm. Relinquish outer things as much as possible. Give life and time to the work. It must ripen by itself.”

Why are you saying this, did the dream indicate that I had to learn something new?

“You’re mistaken. There is still much to be fetched from there.”

“You remain on the surface, why don’t you utter what is deeper? ”

“How can I? You have no strength.”

Where did it remain?

“It remained outside, in wishing and expecting. It belongs inside, completely inside, in creating.”

Did I do wrong?

“Not a wrong, but too much-you need limitation in every respect. You concern yourself too much about others. let others go their own way. Seek only your way, but not for others, otherwise you expend too much. The burden of thinking for others gives you a headache. What you yourself must attend to is more than enough. Rest yourself.[”]  ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page246